Customs Information

 Documents annexed to the declaration of imports of goods

 incurred under each of the five proposed titles for output of goods Article 19 Customs Affairs Law Act 1350 (excluding administrative internal transit) cargo owner or his legal representative must provide a declaration for the customs office as who's Azharknndgan in two copies, with indicating date and sign the enclosed documents for purchase and baling (for variety) and the certificate of origin and bill of lading to Customs surrender. Transfer or bill leaves supposed to have on behalf of transport (maritime, aviation, rail or cargo carrier that the goods have been delivered) or cause the product to be endorsed  name, must also be attached to the declaration.
According to the provisions of the Law Concerning the unification of customs procedures and formalities of entry and exit of goods and services from the country, the formalities both deterministic and stochastic cases where the Regulations Customs Affairs (cases falling under Article 95 of the bylaws) can be determined, subject to submit a declaration to the customs and the customs formalities, the customs declaration is drawn up and submitted.
manifest number, name and destination ’ product, number and type of packaging, signage and weight of the product, item, if possible, the content of packets net weight and value of the goods, recipient name product, name and place of residence regulator declaration and signed by him, Departure box  name and the name of the owner of the ship or its commander in the inserted and Customs.
 system to standardize and speed up the clearance of customs declarations have been made. each area has been formed. Area A includes customs data, area (b) includes accounting, Area C and Area transit (d) to address customs. This declaration has 54 house.
Documents including the declaration of imported goods are
Warehouse Receipt
List of packing (packing)
Bill of Lading
Certificate of origin
License orders
Premium cards (work release)
Business Cards
Power of attorney
Certificate of inspection
Permits and certificates required (the case)
  It should be mentioned, if the import of certain goods carried through the banking system, documents  sale or supply of currency, license applications for goods imported opening letters of credit (L / C) as well as the import of goods to the customs declaration is presented.