In the world of electronic trade and the era of computer and amazing speed of the progress of different sciences,and despite the fact that the necessity of progress in all the fields of endeavours has been correct management and in the related fields of economic knowledge, as there must also would have been great changes in these fields but yet in the universities and advanced centers of education the same old frames of economic and management theories are being taught and are accepted and they are practiced in the most important global centers

   There has not yet been any changes in the basic principles of management as in the selection of better choices for more success the same differences of opinions existed and exist.

   In your opinion ,sunder the present conditions, which of the following choices would be effective in achieving more success ?




  •      experience and dexterity
  •      specialization and expertise
  •      youth and creativity
  •      credibility and trust


  which of the above choices you would choose, as the main axes, for achieving more success?

   Definitely, in case of more investigation and more information, about the above choices the selection of the above choices will be more difficult.

   Would it not be better that instead of doubt in selection of a choice how abouts of exploitation of the collection of the choices be studied so that if there would be any better choice thy would be put to practice. For example statistical procedu res or consideration of strong public relations and ...... under such a condition each choice in accounting for the positive relevant advantages from the point of view of recruitment of personnel and facilities would bring about its own type of direct and in dire ctproblems and expenditures that this matter would make the use of the collection of choices dificult, and if it would be possible to trust that part of the functions of the sub- sections of the management of your management or- ganization which require specialized experience and knowledge and can be delegated and can be entrusted under contract to a trustworthy institution, such as the import and export business, for more success in your business you would have the chance to spend all your time and power in your own specialized trade and profession

   DONIAYE TARKHIS COMPANY claims that it is able to desirable carry out any legally executable function within the frames of law and customs regulation in the best manner possible, Because:




  •     Founders of this company each have many years of experience in the customs affairs and long service in customs consultation, and in 1977 leaning against their experience and service took action in founding the DONIAYE TARKHIS COMPANY that in march 1980 it was registered and now has 40 years of practical experience in this field.

  •     the managers of the different sections of the company, further to university education related to the subject and activities of the company, have passed the specialized courses in this profession, and exploiting the latest technical and specialized information aliong with experience help the clients to settle the problems of th clients

  •     The executive- staff consist of young and active personnel who are going through their carrier of interest as their youth and creativity helps to speed up the business of the company.

  •      Through out the 35 years of the continuous DONIAYE TARKHIS company activities during which period it has produced the most custom declaration certificates of the country, and has been the responsible executive authority for the execution of the greatest national projects as well as those of the projects for private and government trade and production concerns for year as there has not been even one single instance of complaint. Or financial dispate between the company and its clients as the keeping of trust feeling of resposibility and loyalty of the responsible staff members has fully and completely brought about the necessary trust and credibility among all principals and clients, so that there is not slightest anxiety or worry about the trusted capital at the disposal of the DONIAYE TARKHIS company. The list of the projects and the names of the businesses and production units and government concerns dealing with this company can be produced if requested

  •     using the other important choices such as exploitation of advanced systems, availing the most perfect and latest technical knowledge as well as compilation of different related statistics bout the activities of the accompany, that their desirable effects have shown in reducing the average time for custom release, bringing about logical competition among the branches and representative offices of the company, increasing the productivity of the branches and most important of all, specification of the statistics for the percent of the products released by the representative offices of this company in comparison with the total imported products to the country and the considerable increase of the said percentage that after the decrease of the average time for custom release has been one of the most important factors of the company success

       Though the greatest asset of DONIAYE TARKHIS COMPANY are the old and extended powers of attorney the extensions of which during the extended periods has been the greatest asset and the reason for the satisfaction of the clients about the company operation, but since the necessity of increase in growth of the percent of the products released from the costumes by the company compared with the goods imported to the country needs the continuous increase of the products released by the company, therefore with the development of the necessary facilities in providing suitable services, and for the satisfaction the section for readiness of new communications has been provided and we hereby invite the esteemed importers to extend their cooperation.

      The company managers, while announcing their willingness for a meeting and giving further information, hope that providing for your satisfaction and extending the new powers of attorney would provide the increase of the company assets.